Africa New life asked some of our more than 9,000 sponsored children what food means to them. Some of their answers surprised us: Food is jumping! Food is smiling big!

One teenager described his life before Africa New Life as a time of hunger, both physical and spiritual. For many people in Rwanda, you can’t talk about food without also talking about hunger.

Children who know hunger understand that food is the difference between life and death, but they also notice small things about food that we take for granted. Food gives you energy to learn and pray in school. You can climb trees and play soccer. You can fetch water. Without food, none of this is possible.

Food in Rwanda becomes more expensive each year, and Africa New Life will serve 2.5 million meals this year. To ensure the best care possible for these kids and for families in crisis, we need your help! Every dollar buys food for our students and their families. 



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"Without food, you feel discouraged; you are lazy.
There is nothing you can do. The body is weak.” 

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"Africa New Life is giving them a future. If it wasn’t for them, I don’t think people would be eating. If Africa New Life wasn’t able to give out food anymore, it would be a disaster. Some of the families survive on that food.” 

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"When you are hungry, you cannot do things with courage."

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Without food, you can’t get a good futureI feel something important in my future. A great man is a person who takes care of his family, poor people, orphans and who does everything God wants. I feel I will be a great man.”  

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“David is hard working. When he’s not in school, David does most of the work taking care of the goats. I rely on him.” 

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Photos by Esther Havens 

Written Stories by Constance Dykhuizen

Video by Jordan Laessig 


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